Checking 'pom' file in maven project


(hou) #1

Are there any rules can find version conflict in ‘pom’ file? Or any plugins can do that?

(Nicolas Peru) #2

Rules applied to pom files can be found here:

I am not really sure what kind of problems you would like to find, could you be a bit more specific ?

(hou) #3

e.g. I have already declared version 1.0 for dependency A , and then I also declare version 2.0 in parent pom or other dependent pom for the dependency A too. That may cause uncertain problems.

(Nicolas Peru) #4


I believe then that you are more looking for something like this rather than a rule.


(hou) #5

Thanku for your advice.
However I do need a way to find out hidden problem in testing stage, maybe after developer’s self-testing stage. If sonar can check that ,it would be a great extended scene.
Any way, I can do the check in your way. Thanks a lot.