My rules are not validating/checking pom.xml file

  • SonarQube Version- 8.6
    Sonar Scanner Version 4.5

  • I am using SonarQube(Mule Sonar plugin) to validate my MuleSoft project which contains some xml files along with pom xml file. I built some rules to validate groupId, artifactId pom xml. but none of my pom rules validating any node in pom xml file.Even,my pom xml is not scanned by my rules.

  • I built below rule to validate artifactId in pom xml file.Can someone suggest the solution?

      <rulestore type="mule4">
         <ruleset category="application">
            <rule id="3"
      	       name="Artifact id"
      	       description="Artifact id"
      	       severity="MAJOR" applies="application" type="code_smell">
      	       //*[local-name()='project']/*[local-name()='artifactId']= 'security'