Changing Azure DevOps Pull Request comment user

Hi everyone

I have quick question.
We integrated our SonarQube Server with Azure DevOps Server 2020. Everything works fine. So it is more of a question of understanding:

Issues within a pull request are always generated as comments under my personal user account.

When establishing the Devops integration in the past I did 2 things:

  1. I created the PAT for the ALM integration under my user account
  2. I created a webhook to the DevOps Server with my account credentials

I assume that is the reasion why the comments are created with my accout. Azure DevOps and SonarQube both use our LDAP.

What do I have to do when I want to change the “comment user” to a non-personal “dummy” user ?

I assume I have to create a “dummy user” in the Active Directory and setup the 2 steps described above with this user.
Is that correct ?
Does this user have to have admin rights on both servers like my account ?

SonarQube Version:

Thanks in advance for any help


Hi Claudius,

I had the same question as you and it’s the account you use when creating the PAT that will be used for comments in PRs. I had an AD account created for this purpose, added the account with the correct license group and permissions (Contributor) in Azure DevOps Server and then logged into Azure DevOps Server with this account and created a PAT with the required Scope.

Hope that helps.

Hi @careywalker

Thank you very much for the quick answer.
I will try this and give you feedback as soon as possible. Cant tell how long it will take for the AD account to be created :slight_smile: I cannot influence that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi you guys,

Sorry for the late update.
But I seem to be having a little problem with this.
I have been using a local user “SonarSystem” on my Azure DevOps Server (which is NOT a AD account).
I can use this user within DevOps and create the PAT. This other PAT is also valid when integrating the ALM in the SonarQube administration. So far so good. But still the user in the PR is my own account.
So I changed the webhook link with the credentials from the new “SonarSystem” user. But this didn’t help. With this new local user, the notification via webhook doesn’t seem to work.

So basically my question is: Does the user for the PAT and the webhook have to be an AD account ? Or can the user be a local user, as I did (with maybe a workaround) ?

If its has be an AD accout, that would be fine with me, I just have to know this, since our IT department isn’t very pleased with these kind of generic accounts :slight_smile: but if it’s got be… :wink:



Hello @careywalker,

just a quick heads-up on the question would be great.
I’d be happy if you (or anyone else) could answer my question.

Thanks in regards

Hi Claudius,

I don’t know if what you are trying to do is supported or not, I haven’t tried it.



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