Changes between SonarQube Version: 5.5/7.9.3

CodebaseX - SonarQube Version: 5.5**

N items classified as Vulnerability

CodebaseY - SonarQube Version: 7.9.3**

Now N items classified as Code Smells

This means we can’t compare the 2 code bases…

And get accurate results…

To see if new code base Y has improved.

SonarQube v5.5 came out in May 2016 – you’re trying to compare the results from software with many years worth of changes!

However, you can scan both versions of that codebase with SonarQube v7.9.3 and pass sonar.projectDate when analyzing the older version (first) to reconstruct the past on your new version of SonarQube.

And truthfully, just comparing two versions of your codebase won’t tell you a lot. Applying Clean as You Code going forwards will help you make sure that all the changes you’re making to your code today meet your quality standards.

Hi Colin
Thanks for the quick reply.

so consider this scenario

v5.5 was run on code base x. (old .net version ) when code was handed to offshore company.
New upgrade is being done (new .net), we want to run again, and compare the same stats. SonarQube v7.9.3 doesn’t work with old ,net Framework.

We want to compare old code base / new code base.
And compare the stats.

The same issue in old code base and new code base are reported and categorized differently by the different versions of SonarQube….