New Code Question

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  • We are using Community Edition Version 7.4 (build 18908)
  • We are trying to show new code on a build comparing it to a previous version.
  • This works flawlessly when the previous version is a direct parent of the child version. The issue we are having is say version 1 and 2 are both the same base. We make some changes on 1 and 2 and declare the changes on version 1 to be version 3. Now if we want to compare changes on version 2 with version 3 even if they are new issues introduced with version 2 the New Code section will not show any of these new issues, code coverage or duplication.


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I’m a little confused by this but I’m sure of is that what you’re describing is just not the way it works. Let’s say we set the first of the first of the month as the baseline. All changes since then will show up as New Code in Master. Other branches are not taken into account in CE, and even in commercial editions comparing branches to master (or some other Long-Lived Branch) is only available with Short-Lived Branches and PRs. There is no way to compare two Long-Lived Branches to each other or to compare two Short-Lived Branches.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for getting back. Yeah I see what you are saying and since continuing to play around with SonarQube I have discovered that as well. Appreciate the reply.