Change organization key - microsoftgraph

Hi everyone,
First post here :wave:

I made a mistake creating multiple organizations for Microsoft Graph. After deleting the first one (which wasn’t linked to the Github org) the second one (which is linked and which we intend to use for production), has the key microsoftgraph2.

After looking for ways to change it myself, it became clear this was not possible and only service support could do such a thing,

I initially contacted sonarcloud via the contact form and the person who answered me told me to post here instead.

So here is my request: can the key microsoftgraph2 be updated to be microsoftgraph instead please?

Hi Vincent,

I’ve made the request to operations. I’ll let you know when the change is made.

Hi Vincent,

Sorry for letting this drop. Do you still need this to be done or have you found another solution?

Thanks for following up. Yes this is still needed.

Hi Peeter,
Any update on this? Thanks for the help!