Change main branch in SonarQube

Good morning. In my SonarQube project I had a branch called “dev” as the main branch, but for some reason (which I disconnect) this branch is no longer the main branch, but has become another “prod” call.

I do not know the reason for this unauthorized change, and I would like to return to my current situation, but I have not found a way.

It would be very useful if someone could indicate any possible reason why my project has suffered this change, but also how to solve this problem.

I have been searching a bit, and I have seen that it is possible to modify the name of the main branch, but not of the other long live branches.

Thank you very much


Welcome to the community!

I can’t say what happened to your project to cause the change you observed.

Allowing you to designate a different branch as the main/default branch is in our roadmap for the year, but work has not yet begun. You can keep abreast of the progress by watching MMF-1335.



Is there any progress on the MMF-1335? I cant find the issue back :frowning:

Welcome :slight_smile:

MMF-1335 has been deleted unintentional, but the ‘change main branch’ feature is still tracked at
the Sonarqube product board, see this thread for all details


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