Can't find rule S2078, S2076

Hi, I’m looking for the rules :
2078 :LDAP queries should not be vulnerable to injection attacks
2076 :OS commands should not be vulnerable to injection attacks
in SonarQube 7.7 but I can’t find them.
I have opened sonar and in "http://localhost:9000/coding_rules " i have put in the field filter both description but nothing is showed
Can someone help me?
thank in advance

Hello bruna,

As expressed in this other thread (Rule S2083 is not found in the server's rules list), the rule is part of our security offering, and only available in paying edition of SonarQube. We plan to make it explicit in soon.

As of today, the only way to benefit from these rules without using a commercial edition would be to use SonarCloud :sonarcloud: , and an open source project.


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Thank you for your answer Michael!

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