Can't analyze some projects

  • SonarQube Developer Edition -

I have some problems with the software.

Our license includes 100,000 LOC

And sonarqube sales team told us that those LOC were reset in every scan.

So, I want to scan a project with 26,026 LOC and throw the next issue

-The last analysis failed because it would have caused your server-wide lines of code total to exceed your 100000 limit.Go to License page.-

And I configured the sonar to scan only swift files.

So, Anybody could help me with this problem?

The rare whit this issue is that I can scan other projects whit more LOC without problems

The scan trigger is in github with the sonarqube decorators and my sonar server lives in an aws EC2 instance.


Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, I’m unable to see your screenshots. How are you trying to configure your project to only include Swift files?