Cannot run Sonar Cloud Analysis on Azure Devops

  • versions used: Sonar Cloud for Azure Devops
  • error observed:
The Azure DevOps access token is not valid
  • steps to reproduce
    This bug happened during Auto build for PR, it always failed with this error
    I follow the topic to create and update access token for organization level with read+write code policy and update it in project access token but it does not work.
    This problem happened since yesterday and it really blocks our integrate, we are not sure if it is your internal bug, or there is a miss config.

Please support us ASAP. Thank you.

P.S.: use the #bug:fault sub-category if you’re hitting a specific crash/error , or the #bug:fp sub-category for rules-related behaviour

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I am having exactly the same issue since yesterday.

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Are you still having this issue ?


I am, not sure about @Le_L_i_Hoang

Are you sure you’re not using an expired token @daves ?

Still happen to me. I disable Sonar build to not prevent my integration.

For the key: I am pretty sure I use a valid key, and I also use many accounts to create key just to check if it works, but it still blocks.

Dear @mickaelcaro , This problem is still happened to me. Please support. This has stopped our work for 1 week

Added a quick information: This build fails on every PR/branch except the main one

Hi @Le_L_i_Hoang

This behavior is expected since we do need the token to check PR informations, so only PR are impacted.

I’ll send you a PM so that you can share some information for me to check on our internal logs.


Hello @Le_L_i_Hoang,

Is your problem resolved?

We are also observing similar issue for our PR Pipelines. It is all working fine on main branch. We woul appreciate if you can give us some hints.