Cannot install SonarQube in my computer. It's error failed to load metadata

I would like to install SonarQube in my computer. But install fail. Please tell me how to solve the problem.

I’ve followed these steps.

  1. Download and install Java 11 on my computer. (Version: jdk-11.0.16)
  2. Download the SonarQube Community Edition zip file. (Version: sonarqube-
  3. Unzip it and then Run as administrator on “sonarqube-”.
  4. It’s fail. Log file as per attached picture


The root cause here is the AccessDeniedException, so it looks like this is some sort of permissions issue. It’s been too long since I used Windows to give you useful advice. But you’re going to need to sort out the permissions on the SonarQube directory, recursively.