Getting error when trying to start Sonarqube on Mac

Hello all,

I am getting the below error when i am trying to start Sonarqube. I was previously been able to start Sonarqube but saddlery now i getting the below error

  1. Error:
    Starting SonarQube…

Failed to start SonarQube.

  1. Sonar Log:
    → Wrapper Started as Daemon

Launching a JVM…

Unable to start JVM: Permission denied (13)

JVM exited while loading the application.

JVM Restarts disabled. Shutting down.

← Wrapper Stopped

  1. es.log and other logs are not generated so i cannot provide that.
  2. WrapperConf file point to this location

Thank you


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This SO answer may help.


Hello @ganncamp i have already tried solution proposed in the link you shared. But still it is not working.

thank you


The problem is either in your Java install or your path to Java.


Hello @ganncamp as far as i can see Path was defined from the start and as mentioned it was working perfectly fine. I cannot find any issue there.

Could it be that there is a new version of JAVA and i have not upgraded my JAVA yet.


Hi @AMFaqiri,

Let me jump in here. Looking at your configuration, it seems that you’re trying to use Java 15, which is not compatible with SonarQube. You’ll need Java 11 instead. So your wrapper.conf file entry should look something like this:

(you’ll need to adjust for the precise version you’re using). Can you try this and let me know whether it works?



Hi @AMFaqiri,

I’m just checking whether this helped you solve the problem you were having - any updates from your side?



Hello @Cameron thank you for your suggestion. Ill install version 11 of java and test. i should be able to provide an update later today.

Thank you,