Cannot connect to Sonar Cloud server from the Bitbucket runners

We have been using docker base images in our bitbucket pipeline until recently we needed to use bitbucket runners instead. Since then we cannot connect to May be it fails to create a secure connection. Is there a way to fix this?

Hey there.

It seems that the runner has access to some internet (if it can reach the central maven repo), but as far as the rest of our users are concerned SonarCloud is up and running!

Is there some kind of firewall that might be in between your runner and the public internet preventing access?

Hi Colin,

Its in a VPN. But it can make https connections with other URL like

So I think something from side is preventing the connection from the VM. While I’m in the same VPN I can connect successfully from my laptop. Could you please check and confirm, we’ll have to drop the sonar cloud subscription if we cannot make it work soon


Are you still experiencing the issue? If yes, could you share with us your public IP (where the connection is initiated) and the time you made your tests? We’ll investigate the issue on our side.

Have a good day