Cannot Change Scope of Analysis on the website. Validation failed. An error has occurred. Please contact your administrator

I am totally new on Sonarcloud. Just created an account and made the setup to add my repository.
I wanna exclude directories dev and test from SonarCloud code analyzer. On the webpage interface there is an option to do so.

However, when I try to use it, I got this cryptic error:

The thing I want to do seem pretty straitgh forward and I have no clue why it could not work. I checked and I am indeed the owner of the project for sonarcloud/github (Administrator?). I also tried more combinations of path exclusion.

Maybe it’s stupid and I am doing something wrong, can someone tell me if it’s normal, seem really weird to me.

Thanks you and my apologies for my poor english :slight_smile:

I ended up with the same problem yesterday. Nothing helps, looks like a bug since I cannot set almost anything in settings although I’m the only administrator and owner.

Thanks for your feedback, I am gonna open a new topic with the bug tag, and check if I can complain in another place to

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Hello @crazyhouse33, welcome to the community!

Is this still happening? If yes, can you please check the JavaScript console of your browser to see if there are some failing requests or errors?

Yes there is a failed XHR with url containing as form data.

values:tamere ( Yes I put tamere :slight_smile:)

The answer is the same cryptic error printed on gui in json. Error code 500.

And yes it still happening. Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

Indeed, this looks like a bug at our side, thanks for reporting.

We will fix this ASAP and keep you posted (in this thread).

Hi @crazyhouse33 and @rodlukas, we’ve fixed a bug, the problem should be gone now.

Thanks again for reporting.

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Hey, it’s okay for me now.

Thanks for the quick reaction :slight_smile: