Can you add Support for the X++ language (used in Microsoft Dynamics 365)?

Hi all,

I would be really interested to work with your tools for my development teams however we mainly work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 developments.

It would be really appreciated to get it as a supported language.

Many thanks,


Hi Cyril,

Thank you for reaching out. Could you clarify what language you would like analyzed?
I am not familiar with Microsoft Dynamics 365 but it seems that you can create plugins in C# and VB.Net. Both languages are already supported by SonarQube, SonarCloud and SolarLint for VisualStudio.


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Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for your quick answer :slight_smile:

The main language for Dynamics 365 is X++ (I have to admit that before using Dynamics AX / 365, I have never heard about it).

Here are some additional information about this language :slight_smile:

X++ is an object-oriented language, looks like Java or C# main specifity from my point of view is what they call AOT (Application Object Tree) and the fact that SQL Queries have their own language.

Please feel free to ask if you want more information !

Hi Cyril,

Thank you for this clarification.
There is currently no plan to add support for X++. We will consider your request the next time we select a language to support.
If other people are interested in this feature they can vote and/or add more information on this thread.



A +1 vote to support X++


I have been using sonarqube to analyse Java and C# codes for many years. You have my vote too to support X++.


FYI: It looks like you can develop your own language plugins; so in theory the open source community could create support for X++.

Hi Community… I want to confirm If today, SonarQube has support for X++ Language of Microsoft Dynamics

I don’t believe this to be the case, X++ is not mentioned anywhere in the list of supported languages: