Can SonarQube analyze Visual Studio 6 (VC6)?

We are using an outdated version of Visual Studio.
Can SonarQube officially analyze code written with Visual Studio 6 (VC6)?
What should I do to analyze?

Hey there.

Are you referring to Visual Studio 6 (as in – the IDE released in 1998 with end of support in 2005), or perhaps VB6, a language supported in Enterprise Edition and higher?

Hello Colin

Yes, My language is Visual Studio 6.0, C Lang, Platform x86 (End of Support)
Not VB6.

Can we analyze this language with a Sonarqube?

Well, I’m not sure we’ve ever tried. And, if you’re analyzing C with a supported compiler, I don’t see why not. You’ll have to give it a try and report back.

Supported compilers

  • Any version of Clang, clang-cl, GCC, and Microsoft C/C++ compilers

C/C++ analysis is supported in the Developer Edition of SonarQube and higher (and SonarCloud)

Sonar collects C/C++ information by two ways (see C/C++/Objective-C):

  • build wrapper
  • compilation database

For either case, you have to find out how to compile the solution from command line. Most probably something like nmake is your friend (I forgot about VC6 details long time ago).

You may try build wrapper first. If it doesn’t work for some reason, you may try to use cmake to generete the compilation database for you. For that you have to rewrite your build files (solution files) to cmake configuration (CMakeLists.txt).

Current cmake does not support VC6 directly: Visual Studio 6 — CMake 3.27.0-rc3 Documentation but suggests you may still use nmake generator.

Alternatively, you may try older cmake that still has VC6 support, but make sure it already has compilation database support. CMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS — CMake 3.27.0-rc3 Documentation

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