Can update project information?

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  • Sonarqube 9.9.1 self hosted
  • Update projects SCM links after initial creation.
  • Updating but after a scan, the Project Information is not updated

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We are trying to see if links defined in the are update the links in the Project Information section of the project. We have some projects that didn’t have their SCM Project URL, CI URL, and Issues links defined. We updated the hoping they would update in the existing project in Sonarqube. That doesn’t seem to be happening. FYI, this is in a Branch and not main. Is there a way for this to work without having to manually make the changes or code something against the API?

Hey there.

You can find the sonar.links.* analysis parameters here.

Thanks I have seen that. But once the project is created, it didn’t seem to update the project within Sonarqube.

Make sure you’ve analyzed the main branch – the changes will not take affect when the main branch is analyzed.

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