Repository URL on sonar project

Is there any way to find out exactly repository URL on sonar’s UI? The projectname and/or projectkey doesn’t needs to be identical as repository name (and in my case they arent). I see the “Code” tab but I’d like to trace the exact repoisoty URL. In my case it would be BitBucket cloud or BitBucket server.


I found the right place for it on the project in Administration / Links. But only in SQ 6.7.7 from which we’re moving to the LTS version and there is no such option/place.
The question is how to setup sonar analysis to fill the links field automatically?
Alternatively any other suggestions ?


Welcome to the community!

I’m looking at our internal dogfooding instance, and the Links page is still there under Project Settings -> Links.

And the Analysis Parameters page lists a number of different links settings including the one I’m guessing is of interest to you: sonar.links.scm. To be honest, you’re one of the few people I can remember showing interest in these fields in the last… probably 10 years.

Would you mind satisfying my curiosity and expanding a little on your use case?


Indeed the sonar.links.scm does the job as I wish :slight_smile: thanks for the hint.
What for do I need it? We don’t have any standard for sonar.projectName and sonar.projectKey so it’s hard to guess which repository analysis is the project referring to.


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