Can not find the blue lines (new since previous version) in new code coverage files

I’m using SonarQube 7.1, Scanner 2.6, sonar-cxx-plugin-1.1.0.jar plugin to analysis new code coverage for our project.
Now I can get new code coverage for our project, but when I checked the detailed lines, I can only see red and green lines, and can not find the blue part which indicate new added lines in the files. The normal is like this:
And I can’t see blue part.
I don’t know why. Please help. Thanks.


I believe the UI evolved on that respect (highlighting new code) and you should now expect yellow highlighting. See documentation, and a live example here. (of course yellow highlighting only appears if there actually is new lines of code counted on that file, which you can check via the New Lines measure).

If you got your screenshot from the SonarQube documentation then please share a link and we can see whether it should be updated.

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Hi NicoB, it solved my problem. Thanks very much.
I got my screenshot from version 5.6.7. But in, the picture still show blue part, right? You can check whether it should be updated. Thanks.

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