Can I run " Run Code Analysis" Azure DevOps task on multiple CPUs?

Hi, we use Azure DevOps (cloud version) with SonarCloud.
OnPrem we have buildservers with 8 cpu cores. What we notice is that when we run the code analysis task, it only seems to use one CPU. Any advice on how we can make it use all the available hardware we have? Or at least make it process the requests faster?

Hi @zaat ,

what languages are you analyzing?

Hi @mpaladin ,

Mostly C#, Java, SalesForce.

Hi @zaat ,

Java and SalesForce don’t support multi-threaded analysis. C# analyzer may use multiple threads as it is based on Roslyn compiler.

@mpaladin Thanks for letting me know! Too bad though that it cannot use more cores. Would be cool if our “Run code analysis” step could finish in 1 minute instead of 4 minutes on our Azure DevOps agents. At this moment, from the 8 cpu cores, 7 are doing nothing. Anyway, it is what it is. Thanks for the quick response here!

Hi @zaat ,

I understand your concern, thank you for sharing it. For the time being, we have no plan to add multi-threaded analysis to those analyzers, we do have multi-threaded analysis for C/C++/Objective-C languages.