Can I disable the "more option" in login page of sonarqube

Hello Team,

Is it possible to remove the “More option” in SonarQube login page.



This option can be helpful if you want to log in with a local system admin account in the case, for example, the delegation of authentication appears to be incorrectly configured.
Why would you like to get rid of it?


Thanks @Chris
Just wanted to check if there is any possibility, or is it possible to change the entire login page?


We want users to compulsory use Microsoft AD authentication for login into SonarQube. Also we Would like to know if there is any way we can show custom login page instead of blank page having only “Login with Microsoft” button? e.g We want users to have single login experience across all applications we have across our enterprise application landscapes. like custom Azure B2C login page -

Also one of the reason we want to remove more option is -> In the spirit of reducing attack vectors, I’d like to remove the username/password login text boxes and functionality.

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Thanks for the explanation.
Currently, it’s not possible to customize the login page and to remove this option.

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