Call for Feedback: Community to Enterprise Edition Webinar

Hey Sonar Community!

I’m going to be giving a Webinar in May about the value that SonarQube users can get from moving from Community Edition to a commercial edition (specifically Enterprise Edition).

Yeah, I know, it sounds like a sales pitch. Hear me out: I love our Community Edition, and I’m happy that so many developers get what they need without paying us a cent. At the same time, when I go to conferences, one of the top questions I get is, “How can I convince my boss to buy SonarQube?”

I want this webinar to help users and organizations make an informed choice.

In order to make sure I have a well-rounded webinar, I’d like to hear from our Community.

From Enterprise Edition users:

  • What feature in SonarQube’s Enterprise Edition would be hardest to live without?
  • If you know, what “tipped the scales” so to speak with regard to purchasing?

From Community Edition users:

  • What Enterprise Edition feature would you want to learn more about or find too vague to understand just from viewing our plans & pricing?
  • Are there any specific concerns or hesitations you have about transitioning to Enterprise Edition, such as cost, implementation, or not needing more than the Community Edition offers?

Want to attend the Webinar? Register below.

Date and time:

  • APJ & EMEA: Thursday, May 16th - 9 am CEST / 3 pm SGT - Register now!
  • NA & EMEA: Thursday, May 16th - 10 am CDT / 5 pm CEST - Register now!

We are using SonarCloud, so we are not the right target, but personally I feel that the upgrade path, if possible, would be to upgrade from SonarQube CE to SonarCloud. The clear advantage is that this is one less service to administer and host manually internally (and one less database), while offloading all that annoying work on the good folks at SonarSource.

I do understand that SaaS is not always considered an option for some companies, but I used to run SonarQube in the past (CE and EE) and I much much prefer to use SonarCloud.