C# S2583 - False Positive on null check if another type check is earlier in the same function call

The analyzer reports S2583 - condition always evaluates to false in this example:

private static void TestIsNull2(int a, int b, int c)
    Console.WriteLine($"{a}, {b}, {c}");

public static void TestIsNull1(object value)
    => TestIsNull2(
        value is null ? 1 : 2,
        value is bool b ? 3 : 4,
        value is null ? 5 : 6);

The FP is only on the last line (although the first like has the same condition) and it disappears if the redundant bool variable b declaration is removed and only the type is checked in that line!?

The analyzer version is

Zdravim Miroslave,

Thank you for reporting this interesting case.

We’ve confirmed this as FP and created this issue to track it.