C# option not displaying in bitbucket pipelines configuration tutorial

Hi Team,

Noticed in the sonar cloud c# option is not available.
Added details in attachment

Could please requisites that need to be configured for the c# project

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hello RS

did you read this thread? Bitbucket Pipe + SonarCloud + C#/.net core - #11 by dibbdob


Hi Andrei
I haven’t received any clue from this, I see the C# option not available in SonarCloud,
Second I’m receiving connection failed with error no 111
Connection refused.
If you can assist me on this, this would be really great.

You need to setup your YAML based on the instructions below, as we do not have a tutorial yet for .NET

Hi Andrei,
When Iam trying to run I am getting error no 111.

Hi Ravi,

I’m not familiar with err no 111 could you provide some more details and if possible the YAML you are using?

Hi Tom,

Here is the file.
Attached details

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bitbucket-pipelines.txt (765 Bytes)

Thnaks Ravi, Please could you provide us with the logs (please be careful not share any sensitive information though). You can get detailed logs by including sonar.verbose=true in the BEGIN step