C# code stopped being detected on July1 using CI

I can’t get the CI upload of reporting to detect my C# code. This worked since last year, but it suddenly stopped working starting July 1.
It’s only detecting .css in the project.
If I turn on Automatic Analysis, then it detects the code.
I tried updating the GitHub action to JDK 17, but that didn’t help.
I am not sure how to troubleshoot this at this point. The github action didn’t change between June 30 and July 1.


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Which scanner are you using?


We’re using the dotnet v6 scanner tool.

      dotnet tool install --global dotnet-sonarscanner
      dotnet sonarscanner begin /d:sonar.verbose="true" /o:[org] /k:[key] /v:${{ inputs.artifact-version }}  /d:sonar.login=${{ secrets.sonar-cloud-token }} /d:sonar.host.url=https://sonarcloud.io /d:sonar.cs.vscoveragexml.reportsPaths=coverage.xml
      dotnet sonarscanner end /d:sonar.login=${{ secrets.sonar-cloud-token }}


Can you provide your full (debug) analysis log?

The analysis / scanner log is what’s output from the analysis command. Hopefully, the log you provide - redacted as necessary - will include that command as well.

This guide will help you find them.