C and C++ Configuration issues

Hi I am trying to configure SonarQube for analysis on some C/C++ applications and all of them are failing to scan.

SonarQube Version:
build-wrapper, version 6.20.3 (win-x86-64)

Here is my build-wrapper output and sonar-project file in the zip below. As you can see from the dump.json there are plenty of files to scan.

configuration.zip (98.0 KB)

So far, I have found out that removing /Tc or /Tp from the cl.exe command line arguments in the dump.json will allow it to run but it does not give a proper analysis (no issues found)

So I am wondering if this fix ([CPP-3096] Add support for MSVC /Tc, /Tp, /TC and /TP options (to force C or C++ language) - SonarSource) is in my version of SonarQube or if I am doing something wrong in my setup?

I found my solution here.

This is the issue: [CPP-3044] Improve Cygwin support by translating compilation units and user includes in unix style form - SonarSource

Issue is the pathing in the Cygwin environment, I needed to alter the dump.json file to follow the windows pathing.

Any timeframe for CPP-3044 to be resolved?

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Also wanted to asked where can I get build-wrapper 6.21, currently my SonarQube 8.9.7LTS will only give me the 6.20.3 version