C++ Analysis Error on SonarQube 8.5

Hi there,

When testing one of our projects against our SonarQube 8.5 Enterprise edition test instance (CFamily 6.13), the analysis is failing with an unexpected error. If I target our 8.4.2 instance (CFamily 6.11) the error does not occur. A (masked) debug log extract is as follows:

16:12:32.208 INFO: [pool-3-thread-1] ###.cpp
###.cpp: building PCH
LLVM ERROR: Invalid abbrev number
16:13:19.661 INFO: Requesting reproducer for: ###.cpp
16:14:05.635 ERROR: Exception in thread pool-3-thread-1

Some key points:

  • I have disabled the cache feature
  • The error occurs no matter what value is used for sonar.cfamily.threads, only the file name that is reporting the error, and reproducer file, changes.
  • The project in question has a very large PCH (stdafx.h)

Any troubleshooting advice would be appreciate, I can provide a full debug log privately if required.

Thanks in advance,


Hello @Sam_Anthonisz,

Thanks for your detailed report.

Good guess, we currently don’t support PCH bigger than 512MB. This is coming in
6.14. Here is the ticket.


Hi @Abbas_Sabra,

Thanks yet again for the prompt reply - glad to see it will be supported in the next release.



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