Buy sonarqube Enterprise Edition

Hello, on our website Contact | Sonar The information has been filled in, and no one has contacted yet. Now we urgently need to know the specific situation of the enterprise version charge


Hey there.

Make sure you are using the proper link

Can you let us know where did you find the Netlify URL?

And, as it’s a holiday weekend in the US, it might take an extra day or two to hear back.

Sorry, I use the website of the official website Contact | Sonar

There is a question. Now the selected region is China. Does it need to wait for one or two days

In addition, there is a problem. The website you gave is for trial use Try Now Enterprise Edition | Sonar.

Now I want to inquire about the specific problems of purchasing the enterprise version. Excuse me, is there a district in China, and is there any contact information or phone number