Bulk invite members to organization without have an existing SC account

The requirement when adding members that they already have an account in SC is extremely inconvenient in that I have to instruct each engineer to first create an account, then tell me when they’ve done that, then I can add them to my organization.

Allow ability to paste multiple (10-150) email addresses into a form and have each person sent an email with unique link to join our SC organization. Require that they login with the CI-platform that corresponds to the organization where the invites originated.

It should be easy to get as many engineers using SC as possible. Right now, there is unnecessary friction.

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Hello @cameronb ,

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We agree and are actively looking for feedback on this on our public roadmap: https://portal.productboard.com/sonarsource/1-sonarcloud/c/284-onboarding-of-larger-teams . You can subscribe to the card to get notified of any updates on that topic.

To better understand your case, what DevOps platform are you using and how are you managing members there?

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We use AzureDevOps with a single Organization containing many projects with each containing many repos.