Bulk Change to Closed Fixed by Mistake--Please Help

We are using SonarQube 7.4 Community Edition with an Oracle 12c database. We have a project that had lots of issues that needed to be addressed, and recently all issues were marked “Closed-Fixed” inadvertently. How do we re-open everything?
Our audit logs have already rolled, so I cannot determine who made the mistake. But that issue will have to wait until I get the issues re-opened.



Keep in mind how issues get the status “Closed (Fixed)”

  • Fixed - set automatically when a subsequent analysis shows that the issue has been corrected or the file is no longer available (removed from the project, excluded or renamed)

If the files are no longer available in the SonarQube project, you will need to trigger an analysis that fixes this (by having them included again).

Luckily you’re on a version of SonarQube that preserves Issue Tracking on closed issues!

Thanks! We will have the developers take a look at whats in the SCM branch we pull from for scans/builds. It appears there is only a POM.XML file at the moment.