Bulk-activate rules with a specific severity from UI


I want to activate more rules (about 180) within a custom quality profile.
I know about the “Bulk change” button, but as far as I can see, this button only offers the possibility to activate the rules with the default severity, I would like to activate them all with the severity ‘info’ and I don’t have such an option.
Within SQ web api - api/qualityprofiles/activate_rules the option to set the targetSeverity parameter is there, so I guess I should be able to do this from the UI as well, right?

This is what I see at ‘Bulk Change’:

Thank you for the response!

Hey there.

I think the last time this was asked for was 12 years ago :joy:

I don’t think it’s in the cards to expose this in the UI:

  • As noted in this announcement, some big changes are coming to SonarQube, specifically around issue type and severity. I’m not sure severity will even remain something that is configurable outside of the rule definition.
  • We really discourage the bulk activating of rules for “informational” purposes – while it can be well-intentioned (let’s make sure developers can see everything), it often serves as noise that actually discourages developers from paying attention to the issues that are raised (and that are actually important).

However, if you really want to, you can use the Web API.

Thank you, Colin! :smiley:
We want to activate them with ‘info’ for a short period of time, to see where problems arise in the projects.

Hi @andreeamuscalu,

I know this topic is almost two months old, but I was very curious about your use case.

Why do you need to change the severity of the rules to activate them and see what they raise?

I’m guessing you might have Quality Gate conditions on Severity on overall code, which would then break. Is that part of it?

Hi Gabriel!

First, I am sorry for the late answer.
Yes, you are right, we have some custom QG with conditions on overall and new code and this is how we make sure everything is ok on the first scans, then the rules are reverted to their default severity.

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