Build-wrapper-win-x86-64 error

When I run build-wrapper-win-x86-64 on makefile I get this error , ( it works fine when It built in the usual way.)

make[1] --jobs no such file or directory
make[1] : *** no rule to make target --jobs. Stop.


Hi @zioni,

could you give a bit more details?

  • what command are you invoking and from which prompt?
  • version of build-wrapper?

From command line ;
build-wrapper-win-x86–64 --out-dir bw_output make -f .wrmakefile

Version: 3.10


Hi @zioni,

first of all, could you please update build-wrapper? 3.10 is a bit old.

I don’t see any --jobs in your command line which you report in the first post.

–jobs is part of the error message

Hi @zioni,

as test could you please try to put make -f .wrmakefile inside a build.bat file and then call build-wrapper-win-x86–64 --out-dir bw_output build.bat?

the same error message

Hi @zioni,

could you please provide a bit more information about your environment? Otherwise I am not going to be able to help you.

Our environment is VxWorks operating system.
We are using Wind River Workbench.

We are running TFS build (also for SonarQube )

Hi @zioni,

you are not using a supported compiler than, right?


wind river vxworks
Its working with klocwork . why not with Sonar ?

Hi @zioni,

if you don’t give me more details it’s really though for me to help you.

I asked you to update to latest build-wrapper 6.1, I asked you more information about your environment and I didn’t get any reply. I would be glad to help and at the same time I do not have enough elements.

Could you send me link to download this version

Hi @zioni,

you can download it from your SonarQube server as described in the plugin documentation:


I did that but i get version number 5.1

Hi @zioni,

it means that you have version 5.1 of the sonar cfamily analyzer, I would recommend you to update the sonar cfamily to version 6.1.

Does it means that i have to upgrade the sonar server ?

Hi @zioni,

I don’t know your environment as you haven’t shared any information about it, I don’t have the required information to help you.