Build technology for C# (.NET)? Sonarcloud


I can’t find a way to analyze code c # (.NET) in sonarcloud. Only the options for maven, gradle, make and other (js, ts, go, php, etc.) are available in “Run analysis on your project”. Please, could you help me with the option that allow me to perform the code analysis in c # language.

before this showed commands to execute msbuild at the root of the project and then sonar-scanner.

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Welcome to the community forum!

You are right we are missing a more advanced onboarding tutorial for C# projects using msbuild, I’ll loop back with the team to see if we can add it.

In the mean time you should be able to do your setup using this documentation: SonarScanner for MSBuild

I hope this helps!

And here is a community ticket if you want to follow progress on this subject: SCCOMM-7