BUG: 1 New Code Smell found on Summary but it cannot be found

  • SonarQube 9.5 Enteprise.

I uploaded an analysis of a dotnet solution and the overview reported 1 new code smell
clicking on the “1” takes me to the issues page which reports 0 code smells and says “We couldn’t find any results matching selected criteria”

Hey there.

As a first step, try deleting the data/es7 folder from your SonarQube installation folder and restart your SonarQube instance. It may be a problem in the underlying Elasticsearch index.

If this fails to make a difference, I would suggest you start combing through the /logs/ directory of your SonarQube instance to see if there are any warnings/errors.

Thanks @Colin - I don’t have that sort of access (we are running k8s in Azure btw) but the issue seems to have magically resolved.
Could it be that the elastic indexing was taking a loooooong time to complete and at the top level knew there was an issue but I couldn’t navigate to it because indexing had not completed?