Branches are not created on sonarcloud, using Azure Devops

Hello I have this problem, although a moment ago I did the same but indicating to Branch that it already had “PROD” configured, and if it did it correctly, but when I want to leave it with a Branch.Name = “Dev \ RolloutBRA”, the analysis is not It shows in SonarCloud, the branch is not created, this happened to me recently, I always configured it like this and everything is fine, did you change the way to configure this?

I just used PostMan and put the url that told me sonarcloud and I got this problem[TER]HANA_TER_DAIMLER_ROUTE_CON&characteristic=branch%3DDEV\RolloutBRA&characteristic=branchType%3DLONG

Hi @MartinMaldonado

Can you give my one background task id for an analysis with those settings, and a date when it was processed please ? I saw one in your logs, but wasn’t able to find it yet.

Thank you.

Hi, I’m just still doing tests, I see that if the configuration I leave it this way it doesn’t work = (Environment) \ (Branch), for the backslash, but if I leave it like this = (Environment) \\ (Branch)

or = (Environment) / (Branch)

It also works, what I don’t understand is why this happens now since before I had it configured with a single backslash


Hi, about what you tell me about the background task id, when I use the configuration with a single backslash ($(Environment)\$(Branch)) it never generates the task

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Thank you, seems that we need to clarify something here, i’ll let you know, and glad that you found a workaround.

I understand, it is not like a final solution but if an alternative for now, I hope this can be solved, thank you very much

If you don’t see a task in Background Tasks page, then it most have failed at the scanner, before reaching our servers. I suggest to try again and look at the output of the scanner.

Where exactly is this configuration? Is it in the file? Is it a command line parameter? Is it somewhere else?

Can you please explain how you run the scanner?