Branch analysis

Hi Team,

I am doing branch analysis, and I don’t want the issues to carry forward.
Let us consider I created 2 identical branches A & B.
I make some updates in branch B and there are few bugs raised.
I mark those issues as false positive in SonarQube and merge the code to A.
Now I run the analyses against A, and I still see those bugs showing up in A(which are already marked as false positive in B).

Is this default behavior? how do I make those issues not appear in my branch A? as I have already take care in Branch B.


Hi Abhishek,

What version are you using?


version: 8.3

That’s not the expected behavior. Normally when branch A is analyzed, it finds the matching issues in B and reuses their resolution (false positive). However, sometimes SonarQube might not find the matching issues for several reasons. For example, if a file gets renamed/moved or if the code gets changed in a way that our algorithm fails to match the same issue in both branches.
If you have a simple reproducer of the problem (code of both branches), I’d be happy to look at it and see what’s happening.