Book about sonarqube

Hi guys,

Someone know this book? Does it is indicate by sonarqube team?livro


yes, as far as i remember it’s dealing with Sonarqube 4.x
So it’s not relevant anymore, only for nostalgic reasons.

The only book i would like to have, is either a printable version of the whole documentation
as PDF or in Asciidoc format to create my own output.

Is this book written by Sonarqube team ?
Yes and No
Look the names of authors, the forward is by Olivier Gaudin CEO and Co-founder of Sonarsource
G. Ann Campell @ganncamp is nowadays product owner / marketing manager of Sonarqube,
but at the time of co-writing this book, she wasn’t member of Sonarsource AFAIK.


Thanks for help me Gilbert.

With your orientation I thing that don’t will read this book. :sweat_smile: