[Blog] Product portals open: we want your input

Hi all,

We’ve just published a new blog post about product roadmaps & planning. If you’re curious about what’s coming, you’ll be interested in this:

SonarSource was born from open source software and most of what we do remains FLOSS, so openness and transparency have always been fundamental principles. With a recent change in how we approach product management, we’ve gone even further.

We’ve recently opened up product portals on ProductBoard. You’ll find them for SonarQube, SonarCloud and SonarLint. Each one shows the features we’re currently working on, the ones we’ve released recently and the ones we’re planning.

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Hi Ann,

what is the preferred way to make feature requests now ?
Should we use the community forum with category ‘Suggest new features’ or
the new product board with ‘Submit idea’ ?


Hi @Rebse,
we’re are actively monitoring both channels. We introduced the product portals recently, and for now we have no plans to decommission the “Suggest new features” category in our community forum.
To answer your question, our current suggestion is to use the Community forum if:

  • you feel your need is not very precise or requires some kind of clarifications, or
  • you have any questions that you’d like us (or other community users) to answer (e.g. is there a possible workaround?)

For any other case, and especially if your request is clear and precise (e.g. support a new language in SonarCloud, or a new IDE in SonarLint) we advise you use the product portals.