Blank INFO log level lines during sonarcloud analysis and analysis taking too long

  • ALM used: GitHub
  • CI system used: Circle CI
  • Scanner command used when applicable (private details masked)
  • Languages of the repository: python
  • Only if the SonarCloud project: project is private
  • Error observed:
16:58:27.634 DEBUG: Opening pack index /home/circleci/project/.git/objects/pack/pack-0d986ba7a7b36456b4b02c057a62b752310015f3.idx, size 3.013 MB took 5 ms
16:58:27.634 DEBUG: file=/home/circleci/.config/jgit/config.lock, cannot be racily clean
16:58:27.634 DEBUG: file=/home/circleci/.gitconfig, isRacyClean=false, read=2023-02-21 16:55:37.939787000, lastModified=2022-09-06 14:27:30.000000000, delta=14524087939787000 ns, racy<=2500000000 ns
16:58:27.634 DEBUG: file=/home/circleci/.gitconfig, is unmodified
16:58:27.634 DEBUG: file=/home/circleci/project/.git/config, isRacyClean=false, read=2023-02-21 16:58:27.620653000, lastModified=2023-02-21 16:55:10.467370000, delta=197153283000 ns, racy<=2500000000 ns
16:58:27.634 DEBUG: file=/home/circleci/project/.git/config, is unmodified
16:58:27.658 DEBUG: Collecting committed files (done) | time=37ms
16:58:27.662 DEBUG: Found GIT version: 2.37.3
16:58:27.663 INFO: Blaming files using native implementation
16:58:27.664 DEBUG: Blame file (native) settings/settings/
16:58:27.664 DEBUG: Blame file (native) catalog/managent/
16:58:37.620 INFO: 
16:58:47.620 INFO: 
16:58:57.620 INFO: 
16:59:07.620 INFO: 
16:59:17.620 INFO: 
16:59:27.620 INFO: 
16:59:37.620 INFO: 
16:59:47.620 INFO: 
16:59:57.621 INFO: 
17:00:07.621 INFO: 
17:00:17.621 INFO: 
17:00:27.621 INFO: 
17:00:37.621 INFO: 
17:00:47.621 INFO: 
17:00:57.622 INFO: 
17:01:07.622 INFO: 
17:01:17.622 INFO: 
17:01:27.622 INFO: 
17:01:37.622 INFO: 
17:01:47.622 INFO: 
17:01:57.623 INFO: 
17:02:07.623 INFO: 
17:02:17.623 INFO: 
17:02:27.623 INFO: 
17:02:37.627 INFO: 
17:02:47.627 INFO: 
17:02:57.628 INFO: 
17:03:07.628 INFO: 
17:03:17.628 INFO: 
17:03:27.628 INFO
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Checkout repo (no-shallow mode)
  • execute sonar-scanner in circleci pipeline

Sonar analysis is taking too long now during the sonar scanner execution and blank lines only with INFO log level are shown in the logs. Before, with a shallow clone it was taking only 4minutes. Is it realated to the shallow clone? how can I improve this times? The job at the moment of writing this is taking 56 mins, and counting, and only INFO log lines are printed

This is affecting a lot our CI pipeline, increasing the analysis time from 4 mins AVG to more than 1 hour and it is just hanged there


Could you add -Dsonar.verbose=true to the analysis command & post those logs?


Hi! It is a private project from my company, could we move this to a private thread?


Actually, I’ve just realized the log snippet you already posted includes DEBUG lines, which is what I was after, so nevermind.

I’ve flagged this for more expert attention.


Yes, that is correct, those logs output are with -Dsonar.verbose=true, in fact

Any input regarding this? we are loosing the whole blaming process doing a git shallow clone with depth as a workaround


Could you try to let the process complete, to try to figure out if 1 particular file is causing the issue?
The full debug logs would be helpful, to understand the build conditions.

I understand you changed the build configuration, and the new one introduced the issue. Could you please post both build configurations, the previous one and the new one?

May I ask how many files are there in your project (roughly), and are the timings you announce on the main branch analysis, or also on pull request analyses?