Blame (Annotation) Reporting

Dear All,

I am using SonarQube Community Edition 8.9.7 LTS.

I am looking for a report about the Blame (annotation) feature.

like this:

Developer Blocker Critical Major Minor Info
A 18 123 5 6 4
B 2 4 4 7 4
C 0 565 2 8 4

As far as I know, there is no similar report in Community Edition out-of-the-box. I searched plugins, but I couldn’t find a solution.

I have 3 questions

  1. How can I produce this report in the Community edition? Do you have any suggestions?
  2. Which SonarQube Edition has this report out-of-the-box?
  3. Is there any plugin for this (it can be commercial)?

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Hey there.

This is something that used to be possible with a long-dead commercial feature called “Developer Cockpit”. SonarQube no longer tracks individual developer metrics, although issues can be automatically assigned to developers based on blame data.

What we found with the Developer Cockpit, that did not align with our product philosophy, was that some managers would use the data it provided as a stick to beat people up with. This only discouraged developers from wanting to use SonarQube, which we want to be a developer-friendly tool.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your prompt response.

As far as I understand your explanation,

  1. There is no out-of-the-box report for this in all editions (Developer, Enterprise, or Datacenter), and will not be.

  2. There will not be any plugin for this (non-commercial or commercial).

The last question is this: Is there a possibility to get this information from API, or have you already restricted this?

Kind Regards

GET api/issues/search will return the author field which indicates the SCM account of the user who authored the line an issue is on.

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Hi Colin,

Thanks for great support

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