Bitubucket slowness because of a sonarqube plugin

we are using a plugin called "include code quality for bitbucket " in our bitbucket UI

this plugin is used to integrate sonarqube metrics and coverage to bitbucket

plugin link :

offlate we are facing slowness in our bitbucket server due to this plugin and we can see below logs related to this in bitbucket

[ec2-user@ip-10-15-15-71 ~]$ tail -1000f /apps/bitbucket-home/log/atlassian-bitbucket.log | grep -i “error”

2024-03-11 06:26:11,368 ERROR [SONAR-3] c.m.s.s.sonar.DefaultSonarClient SONAR 88bd031e:

2024-03-11 06:26:11,853 ERROR [SONAR-13] c.m.s.s.sonar.DefaultSonarClient SONAR ffb30707:

2024-03-11 06:26:11,858 ERROR [SONAR-16] c.m.s.s.sonar.DefaultSonarClient SONAR 0561525e:

2024-03-11 06:26:25,885 ERROR [AtlassianEvent::thread-3] VinojPadachery *LQ74YXx386x5115381x0, “POST /scm/cloud/terraform_aws_infrastructure.git/git-receive-pack HTTP/1.1” c.m.s.s.sonar.DefaultSonarClient SONAR 7b029b0b:

2024-03-11 06:26:47,819 DEBUG [pull-request-rescoping:thread-1] c.a.s.i.p.r.PullRequestRescopeBucketProcessor ~HEMANTSINGH/dmp-core[24197]: Rescoping

we want to know how can we fix this or suggestions to overcome this issue .


To be clear, that paid plugin is not offered or maintained by Sonar, so for problems with it, you should contact its developers.

But it’s not clear to me what the plugin offers beyond our native functionality. Have you tried running without the plugin?


developers use this plugin in Bitbucket for showing project statistics and quality gate status I guess.

we have not tried without this plugin , have to test that