Bitbucket integration : the "Create personal access token" link in Sonarqube is a dead link

We’re using Sonarqube 8.9.9 LTS and it is configured with Bitbucket integration.
The Bitbucket server version is 7.21.1 LTS.

When a user logs in in Sonarqube and clicks “Add project” → “From Bitbucket Server” there is an informational section titled “How to create a personal access token”.
This section contains a link to the Bitbucket server : https://<FQDN-server/plugins/servlet/access-tokens/add

When the user clicks this link he’s presented with the Bitbucket login screen. So far so good.
Once logged in into Bitbucket the user gets the message that this is a dead link.
So in the end we’re not able to create a token this way.

I contacted Atlassian support and they confirmed that the URL used by Sonarqube is indeed a dead link.
This means that the Bitbucket server has no information to offer on this link.
For Atlassian this is normal behaviour.

Does anyone experience the same issue and do you know if there is a solution for this ?

As a workaround we create first the access tokens on the Bitbucket server and create afterwards the Sonarqube projects.

But I would like to know if the issue can be fixed on the Sonarqube side.

Best regards,
Koenraad Vanhoutte

Hi Koenraad,

Thanks for reporting this issue!
I have opened a ticket to handle before the next release.

Best regards,

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