Bitbucket integration problem due to lack of admin right on bitbucket

We had a problem while integration sonarcloud with bitbucket integration. We have a private workspace on bitbucket cloud. We have created our bitbucket user on bitbucket and logged into sonarcloud with this user bitbucket account. At that time didn’t have admin access on workspace so the user could not import the repos under our corporate workspace but could import only repos under its own workspace. We gave admin access on rapsodoturkey workspace assuming that it can access the repos on sonarcloud. However it didn’t work out. As we understood grant access to bitbucket is given when we first add organization on sonarcloud. So we simply want to delete the first organization that we created when we didn’t have admin right and create a proper organization. How can we do this?

Hi @Rapsodo team,
Thanks for posting to the community forum. I could check your organization and I do see it is active with projects being analyzed. What is the previous organization your are referring to? Do you still have an issue?