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We’ve been using SonarCloud for a while(before Code Insight Reports) and probably in a non-conventional way. Recently we noticed on a new repository that a Code Insights report was appearing. Our old repositories don’t get the Code Insights reports. The Code Insights report is breaking our way of using SonarCloud.

So we’ve been using SonarCloud quality gates to hint that there are things to look into in the PR. The quality gates are quite restrictive and we rely on engineers to evaluate if changes should be made. This works really well with the badge that displays in the PR as it shows which checks failed. If it wasn’t clear, we do not fail the build with the quality gates and allow PRs to be merged with failing checks.

The problem with the Code Insights reports is that it counts as a failed build. This blocks merging the PR. Is there a way to disable the Code Insights report?

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Currently there is no way to disable the code insights report. One suggestion that comes to mind is to adjust the Quality Gate to better fit your needs and be a real indicator for merging or not merging PRs. You can find the documentation on how to define your own Quality Gate here. A green Quality Gate will also make the code insights report pass.


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