Sonarqube - BitBucket - Pull Request Blocker


I’m testing the pull request functionality, but my pull request is not blocked by the Quality Gate.
I followed

But I see the following in Bitbucket docs:

A failed report will not block the merge
Posting a failed report will not stop a pull request from being merged. There are build status settings that can be set up for a repository or project that will block the merge so it is recommended to also post a failed build status if wanting a report to affect the mergability of a pull request.

What should I do to block the merge?

BitBucket: v5.15.1

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Thanks for this report. We’re discussing it internally. Hopefully something tangible will come of it “soon”.


Is there any update about this functionality? I am having the same issue (pull request not blocked). I see a post online ( which indicates that this functionality is available but I can’t figure out how to enable it.


Atlassian has released BitBucket Server 6.9, as of December 10th, which now can block merges based on code quality insights,

See SonarQube announcement: How to block your PR merge in SonarQube with BitBucket Server


That’s great. Thanks. We’ll give it a try.