Bind different Github organizations to same SonarCloud Paid Plan

We are using a SonarCloud Paid Plan binded to our GitHub organization and we would like to confirm if it is possible to bind another GitHub organization account to same paid plan, sharing same subscription and Lines of codes plan.

Thanks in advance for the information.

  • ALM used: GitHub
  • CI system used: GitHub Actions
  • Languages of the repository: Apex, Java, JS, …

Hello @sevjj ,

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This is not possible as of today. A plan is always bound to just one organization on SonarCloud side.

Thanks @Martin_Bednorz for your reply.

Is there a roadmap to allow managing different GitHub orgs with same subscription?

Unfortunately this is not on our roadmap right now, but something that we are thinking about. Could you share more details on your use-case for this? How are you handling the subscription for multiple organizations on GitHub side?

Hi @Martin_Bednorz, to share some more information for our use case here, we are using GitHub Enterprise Cloud which allows us to create multiple organizations under a single “Enterprise” umbrella.

I could see this working if you could consider decoupling the billing aspect of the organization from the organization itself, and allowing us to bind a single billing “account” to multiple organizations.

Hello @SSJaredBates ,

Thank you for providing additional context, I’ve stored this internally. You can follow this card on our public roadmap for any updates on the topic.