Badges arent shown in Azure DevOps 18


  • Azure DevOps 18
  • SonarQube 9.5
  • Scannerplugin 4.23.1

What did I try:

  • Checking the “Disable anonymous access to badges” setting in project and organisation settings.
  • Tried using SVGs → worked
  • Letting the devops admin check, he could see the badges

The Icons in the PRs arent visible either. Now I have absolutly no clue how I could fix it, because the admin was able to see the badges, I think it might be some kind of permission issue?

Hopefully someone has an idea

The badges are visible inside the browser, when I open the link directly. Even when not logged in, in SonarQube

Hey there.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re talking about. Can you share some screenshots?

In Azure DevOps in the summary, I want to show the badges of the quality gate, for each branch.
Now currently the badges arent visible. But when I open the links of the badges, which are in the summary, I am able to see them.

Do you see any errors in your browser’s developer console?

There is a connection time out, after I checked the adress, I realized that the link was changed to https from http, but the sonarqube server runs at http. So the timeout makes sense. The server should run at https soon, so I hope it will solve the issue.

PS: the used links are http but changed automaticaly, the warning in the browser looks like this