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In the recent AzureDevOps extension update, the version numbering is 5.1.1 while tasks folders are SonarQube_Prepare 4.25.1 and SonarQube_Analyze 4.25.0. All numbering were aligned before and we were using this to audit agent update. Is there any plan to align those version number in future updates ?

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Hi welcome to the community,

This 5.1.1 version is the “package” version. It contains since few months 3 versions of the tasks

  • 3.*
  • 4.25.*
  • 5.*

As you can see, there’s a new major version, as announced here

If you want to kind of match these versions, i would suggest to upgrade to v5 on your tasks, it should be available by bumping the @4 to @5 in your yaml if you’re using this way of configuring your pipeline, or select it in the list of versions at the top of the config box for the classic editor.

However as i said, this is a package version, we cannot guarantee that there will always be a match here.


Thank you Mickaël for your answer.
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