Azure DevOps extension (this time 1.27.0) broke our (.net 5) pipelines (again)

We are using Azure DevOps extension, no to repeat myself, see similar issue here: SonarCloud Azure DevOps extension 1.25 broken

Today, after a new version was (automatically) installed to our organization, all our pipelines, where we have implemented the sonarCloud scan, were broken (about 50 or so):

Hi @jvilimek

Thank you for reporting this.

I confirm we noticed the regression internally as well. We’re working on a fix that will be deployed ASAP.

Thanks. And it was really fast: my colleagues just informed me the extension was updated to 1.27.1 and our pipelines are green again. Thanks for the quick fix, yet as in previous (1.25.0) issue I would really strongly suggest to release changes in a more controlled manner… e.g. keeping task version 1 for .net 5 pipelines and increasing version (to 2) for .net 6 pipelines. See also SonarCloud Azure DevOps extension 1.25 broken - #5 by jvilimek

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