Azure Devops Status Policy desperatly empty


I’m trying to plug sonarqube pull decoration with Azure Devops Server 2019 with no success :frowning:

When I want to set the status policy of the master branch, the drop down list is empty for policy services.
My builds call correctly sonarqube analysis service but I’m blocked for the pull request decoration.

Setup is :
Azure Devops Server 2019 Update 1 (on-premise) version Dev17.M153.5
Azure Devops Sonarqube extension 4.11.0
SonarQube Developer Ed version (on-premise)

On sonarqube, ALM integration is setup, PAT is set and Pull Request Decoration is enabled.
On Azure Devops, Service connection is defined for sonarqube, token set, authorization given for all pipeline to use it.

But on my status policy selection list, still no items :

Any idea on what to do, logs to check ?

Thanks in advance for your help



Just type in: SonarCloud/quality gate

it normally works.